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Jacqueline Harvey has combined a successful career in education with her love of a good story. She is the author of 14 novels for younger readers and a picture book, THE SOUND OF THE SEA, which was awarded Honour Book in the 2006 Children’s Book Council Awards. Her bestselling Alice-Miranda series centres on the life of Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones, a perpetually positive and determined seven year old who takes herself off to boarding school because it appeals to her sense of adventure. The first book in the series, Alice-Miranda At School was released in Australia in February 2010 with Alice-Miranda On Holiday, Alice-Miranda Takes the Lead, Alice-Miranda At Sea, Alice-Miranda In New York, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way and Alice-Miranda In Paris following at six month intervals. Jacqueline is currently contracted to write 12 Alice-Miranda books. She has a new series for younger readers (5-9 year olds) which launched in Australia in September 2012. Jacqueline is contracted to write eight Clementine-Rose books with Random House Australia. For more information go to www.jacquelineharvey.com.au

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Clementine Rose and the Pet Day Disaster - in stores 1 January 2013

Hello Friends,

I am so excited to tell you that Clementine Rose and the Pet Day Disaster will be out on the 1st of January 2013.  Clementine and I haven't met yet, but I suspect we might very soon.  The cover for the new book is below and I think it's adorable.  I wish I had a tea cup pig too - Lavender is so sweet.  Clemmie is starting school - at Ellery Prep, where I used to go before heading off to boarding school.  It's a lovely place and Miss Critchley the Head Teacher is a very special lady.  I hope Clementine loves school as much as I do.  You'll have a little bit longer to wait until my next adventure, Alice-Miranda In Paris is out on the 1st March 2013.  I loved Paris - it's so beautiful and we had an amazing time seeing the sights, singing and unravelling a mystery or two.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  Happy Christmas to everyone.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Alice-Miranda Boarding Experience!

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday afternoon I was very excited to meet ten little girls who had a boarding sleepover with my best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey.  I stopped in with Mr Plumpton to say hello.  They were cooking Nana Jones's Apple Pie (from the recipe in the back of my first adventure) and they had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and then for breakfast Mr Grump came and cooked them bacon and eggs.  They even baked a Devil's Food Cake too which looked delicious.  I think all of the girls would love to come to boarding school all the time.

Jacqueline Harvey has been very busy lately visiting lots of schools and even talking at Roseville College Speech Night last week.  She's been writing Clementine Rose's third adventure, Clementine Rose and the Perfect Present and the little girls at the boarding experience had a sneak peek last night.
Jacqueline said that the girls stayed up way past my bedtime - but they did go to sleep!  I wish they could come to my school - they all looked like they would make excellent boarders.  Jacqueline is putting the finishing touches to our Paris adventure which will be launched in March next year and we're about to start work on a new story very soon.  I hope you enjoy the photographs and I will write again soon.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xx

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear Friends,

It's been a very exciting week for my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey and me as last Wednesday we learned that Alice-Miranda At School received the YABBA (Young Australian's Best Book Award) in the Younger Readers category in Victoria this year.  http://yabba.org.au/2012/11/2012-award-winners/ 

Today Alice-Miranda At School received an Honour Book Award at the KOALAs (Kids' Own Australian Literature Awards).  http://www.koalansw.org.au/2012-awards-day/  Tashi and the Golem by Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble was announced the winner.

There were so many incredible authors and illustrators on the shortlist, including Andy Griffiths (who won loads of awards at both the YABBAs and KOALAs and is an icon of Australian children's literature), Oliver Phommavanh (who received an Honour Book award in the Older Readers category today) and Chris Morphew who won the YA category at both events for his fabulous Phoenix Files.  Belinda Murrell, Deb Abela, Frances Watts, Moya Simons, Duncan Ball, Gabrielle Lord, David Legge were all at the KOALA awards ceremony today with books in the running.  And not forgetting Sarah Davis whose gorgeous book with Colin Thompson, Fearless In Love won the Picture Book category in both states too.

Have a great week.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xx

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A lovely review for Alice-Miranda Shows the Way

Review Blog

Oct 18 2012

Alice-Miranda shows the way by Jacqueline Harvey

cover image
Random House, 2012. ISBN: 9781742751177.
Highly recommended for ages 8 and up. As the delightful Alice-Miranda celebrates her eighth birthday, excitement is building for both the girls and the staff of Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Academy. The village show is about to occur, complete with events for everyone, as well as providing an extra day off of school. Whilst Alice-Miranda and Millie are practicing their horse riding skills, others are completing needle work pieces and perfecting their baking skills. When Evelyn Pepper, the trainer of Rockstar, the Queen's favourite horse, is admitted to hospital, Alice-Miranda becomes involved. Her pony, Bonaparte, is the only thing which can calm Rockstar and encourage him to race, thereby leaving open the Aunty Gee's chances of winning the Queen's Cup. Into the mix, add the carnival people, who are much maligned by the locals and held accountable for anything which goes wrong or missing during their time in the Village.
Harvey has created some eminently likeable characters, almost certainly too good to be true, yet whom one would be happy to class as friends. Similarly, any child reading these books would undoubtedly fall in love with the idea of attending Alice-Miranda's school. The girls seem spend little time in class but many hours on pursuing their own interests. They appear to have a great deal of freedom, allowing them to visit various other people and locations, seemingly without restrictions. As with the other titles in this series, there are some predictable turns of events for older readers, yet younger children may not find this to be the case. The key characters are believable and demonstrate the ability to change and grow. There is the inevitable 'baddie' as well, yet, thanks to the ingenuity of Alice-Miranda, the reader knows that there will always be a happy ending.
Jo Schenkel

Monday, October 1, 2012

Jacqueline Harvey talks about writing!

Dear Friends,

My best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey has made some videos talking about writing my adventures.  You can take a peek here. 

I hope you're all having a great school holiday if you're in Australia - and enjoying the new school year is you're in England and the United States.  Wherever you are in the world, I hope to meet you soon.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you like to colour in?

Hello Friends,
Do you like to colour in?  I do - it always has a very calming effect on me.  Mrs Shillingsworth, our housekeeper, loves to colour in with me (although she always pretends that she's only doing it to keep me company when I'm home from school).  So, I am very excited that there will soon be colouring in pages on my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey's website, www.jacquelineharvey.com.au  Check there over the coming weekend to find them!  There will be all of my book covers as well as this gorgeous cover for Clementine Rose's first adventure that you can print off.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xx

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Clementine Rose!

Hello Friends,
I hope you enjoy meeting Clementine Rose in Jacqueline Harvey's first ever Book Trailer.  The clever ladies at Random House Australia made it and it's very sweet.  I especially love the music.  I'm hoping to have one about my stories soon and I'll let you know as soon as it's done.  In the meantime enjoy Clementine Rose and her gorgeous tea cup pig Lavender.  Watch carefully though - there are some cute moves that you might not see the first time through.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I'm going to be very busy helping Jacqueline Harvey with my next adventure, Alice-Miranda In Paris.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox

Monday, September 3, 2012

The real Alice-Miranda?

Hello Friends,

Last week, I had to look twice when these photographs arrived.  I thought it was me!  But this is actually Grace.  She dressed up for her school's Book Week Parade and looks amazing.

If you dressed up, I'd love to feature you on the blog too, so just send the photos to my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey at her email address jacqueline@jacquelineharvey.com.au

I'm really enjoying hearing what you all think about the new book, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way.  It was such a great adventure - and I love that Bony has a new friend too.

Have a great week at school - happy Spring to all my Australian friends and happy Autumn and Fall to my British and American friends.  I know some of you in England and America are starting school this week, so all the best for a wonderful year.

Loads of love,

Alice-Miranda xoxox

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor

Hello Friends,
I am so excited that my new friend, Clementine Rose has had her first adventure listed on the Get Reading Program for 2012.  The book is officially out in the shops next Saturday! This is what the Get Reading catalogue says about Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor.

Clementine Rose lives in Penberthy Floss in a large,ramshackle house with her mother, Lady Clarissa, butler Digby Pertwhistle and a very sweet little teacup pig called Lavender. When her scary Aunt Violet arrives unexpectedly, the household is thrown into disarray. What is it that Aunt Violet really wants and what is she carrying in her mysterious black bag? If you loved Enid Blyton when you were growing  up, your little girl will love Clementine Rose.
Recommended for children age 5+

I hope you love her adventures as much as I do!
Have a great week,
Alice-Miranda xoxo

Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Week Dress Ups!

This is my good friend, Lucy, who as you can see, dressed up as me for her school Book Week parade.  Did you dress up too?  Would you like to have your photo on the Alice-Miranda blog site?  if you would, please email it to jacqueline@jacquelineharvey.com.au and I'm sure that she will post it here too.

I hope you had a wonderful Book Week!

Bye for now,
Alice-Miranda xoxox

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Week Dressing Up

Hello Friends,

This week I had the pleasure of seeing quite a lot of girls dressed up as me for their Book Week Parade.  I was hoping that if you dressed up this year, you could send a photo to my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey at her email address jacqueline@jacquelineharvey.com.au and she could put them here on the blog.  My new adventure, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way is now out in the shops.  We are still going to have an official launch but we're going to combine it with the launch of a new friend, Clementine Rose, whose first adventure, Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor will be out next month.  I will post more details as soon as the grown ups make some decisions.  I hope you all have a great Book Week.  Last week I met lots of new friends at the Abbotsleigh Literary Festival and I can't wait to hear what they think about the books.

Jacqueline Harvey is helping me work on my next adventure, Alice-Miranda in Paris - which will be out in February next year.

Have a lovely weekend - I'd better get going as it's getting close to bedtime.

Good night!

Alice-Miranda xoxox

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alice-Miranda On Vacation

I was so thrilled to see this review for Alice-Miranda On Vacation this week.  I love hearing from my readers in other countries - and I'm so glad that Marilyn enjoyed this adventure!

Alice-Miranda on Vacation

by Jacqueline Harvey

Review Date: 07/24/2012
Recommended Age: 9+
Overall Rating:
Overall Review:
I am hooked on Alice-Miranda, the heroine of ALICE-MIRANDA ON VACATION. I am so hooked that after having finished the second book, I am going to hunt down the first book in this series, ALICE-MIRANDA AT SCHOOL and read it. Jacqueline Harvey has created a character every young girl would love to be. She is rich, smart, loving; in addition, she lives in a big house, rides horses, and has adoring parents, and yet Alice-Miranda never steps over that line of becoming too perfect. She remains consistently charming and true to herself. With Miranda at the center, Ms. Harvey adds other questionable characters and the reader can't wait to find out who is friend or villain and what diabolical plot they are up to. The author was able to keep me guessing for quite a while. With many characters from the first book in addition to all the new people included in the second story, Ms. Harvey has included a cast of characters in the back of the book so you can keep yourself straight. These characters rev up action, so that there are surprises right through to the end. Luckily, this second book is not the last in the series. More are in the works for U.S. publication. Alice-Miranda fans, rejoice!

Reviewed By Marilyn
No image available

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alice-Miranda Shows the Way - coming 1 August!

Hello Friends,

I have some very exciting news.  My next adventure, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way will be in the shops on the 1st August.  I can't believe that's it's the 6th book so far and I do hope that you've enjoyed all of the earlier stories too.  My best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey and I are back from our big overseas book tour, so there should be a lot more news here soon and some updates on the website as well.  I loved all the places we visited, and we had an amazing time in Paris, which you'll be able to read all about next February when Alice-Miranda In Paris is finished.

Hope you're all having a great week.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxo 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Exciting News!

Hello Friends,

I hope you're all well.  My best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey and I are still away overseas at the moment in England and I am so excited that next week we will be in Paris!  But I have some other exciting news too.  My first adventure, Alice-Miranda at School has been shortlisted for the REAL awards (Reading and Enjoying Australian Literature) which are a children's choice awards in Australia.  The link to the poster for the Younger Readers shortlist here:  http://home.vicnet.net.au/~yabba/12_POSTER_final_A4_younger.pdf   and the website here:  http://home.vicnet.net.au/~yabba/

I am in great company with girls like Poppy and Grace and Billie B Brown too as well as other friends, Selby and Tashi.  Congratulations to all the authors on the list.

My other exciting news is that while we've been visiting England we have found out that all of my adventures (that's ten books in total) will be coming to the UK!  And, my new frend, Clementine Rose (who I actually haven't met yet, but I'm sure that I will soon) is coming to the UK too - she has 8 adventures!

A couple of days ago Jacqueline and her husband Ian got to look inside Caledonia Manor where Miss Hephzibah lives.  She wrote about it on her blog.  http://jacquelineharvey.blogspot.com/

Anyway, I'm sorry to have to dash off but there is a lot of work to be done and Jacqueline Harvey needs my help.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello from not so sunny England!

Hello Friends,
I must apologise for my infrequent posts in the past couple of months.  You see my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey and I have been travelling all over the place talking to children in the United States and United Kingdom about my adventures.  Jacqueline has been writing a very big blog about our adventures. Can you believe that we met over 6500 children!  We visited 37 schools; 24 in America and 13 in England.  At the moment Jacqueline and I are busy working on a new adventure.  We are staying in a very pretty place in England called Oswestry, right near the Welsh borders.
I have exciting news too.  My new story, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way will be launched in Australia 1 August this year.  For my new friends in England, Alice-Miranda On Holiday will be out on the same date there.  And in other very exciting news, Jacqueline has a new series about a lovely little girl (who I actually haven't met yet, but I suspect I will quite soon) called Clementine Rose and her first adventure, Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor will be in the shops in Australia 1 September. 
If you would like to take a peek at our travels in the US and UK, please click the link here http://jacquelineharvey.blogspot.com/  and you will go to Jacqueline's other blog.
I have to say that the weather here in England is rather chilly at the moment.  It's summer and I think today the top temperature was only about 14 degrees celsius.  I hope we see some sunshine soon as there's only another week and a bit before we go to Paris, France!
I will try my best to blog more regularly but until we get home, it could be tricky.
Bye for now and lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello from New York City

Hello Friends,
I must apologise that I have been very quiet for the past month as my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey and I have been travelling across the United States making friends with lots of girls and boys all over the place.  So far we've visited California, Illinois, Michigan, South Carolina, New Jersey and New York.  Jacqueline has visited 23 schools, given 47 talks to over 4000 students and signed over a thousand books.  You can read her blog about the tour here http://jacquelineharvey.blogspot.com
It has been amazing to learn so much about school in another country and I have loved every minute of it.  I'll be back again soon, blogging about what's happening and when my next adventure will be out but for now, pop over and read Jacqueline's blog - there's a lot to see.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Canberra and Melbourne Tour

Hello Friends,
Last week my best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey spent most of the week in Canberra and Melbourne meeting lots of children and visiting fantastic schools, bookshops and libraries.  She was very excited to go back to Gib Gate in Mittagong where she started her teaching career, then to Canberra Girls Grammar and to the fantastic Paperchain Books in Manuka - where they had even painted my picture on the shop window!

Wednesday came PLC Melbourne followed by both Baden Powell Campuses and then to Dymocks in Camberwell to meet some very keen readers.  Thursday started at Lowther Hall - a beautiful school with one of the fanciest main buildings you could ever imagine then to meet a great group of children at Brunswick North followed by St Therese's.  Jacqueline loved spending the day with Natasha from Book Bonding and they finished up at Niddrie Library where she met one of her biggest fans!

Friday was another busy day visiting St Martin of Tours in Rosanna - amazing - then to Camberwell Grammar.  There are lots of photos and a link or two to everything she's been doing. 

I know I'm tired just thinking about it so she must be quite exhausted!

Have a wonderful week.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alice-Miranda In New York and Girl Power Book Club

Hello Friends,
I am so excited that this month Girl Power magazine (one of my favourites) have dedicated their book club to my latest adventure, Alice-Miranda In New York (click the link above to go to the Book Club).  There is an interview with my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey and she also wrote them a story about a dark and stormy night...
Last week Jacqueline had the pleasure of visiting St Margaret's School and Clayfield College in Brisbane and meeting a whole lot of new friends with the Moreton Bay Public Libraries.  Then it was off to Somerset College on the Gold Coast for the Celebration of Literature and I know that Jacqueline met lots of my friends there too.  She got to spend time with some of her writing friends; James Roy, Karen Brooks, Felice Arena, Leigh Hobbs, Susanne Gervay, Oliver Pommovanh, Sorrel Wilby; Cath Crowley; Georgia Blain, Deborah Abela, Frances Watts and Lili Wilkinson to name just a few.   
So it has been another very busy week - and this week she's off to Canberra on Monday and Melbourne after that.  I can't wait to see who she meets.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox

PS The photo is of Jacqueline and her special helper Vertika who looked after her during the Somerset Festival

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Queenwood, Seaforth and Pages and Pages

Hello Friends,
Last week Jacqueline Harvey and I visited the gorgeous girls at Queenwood and then headed over to Seaforth Public School.  It was wonderful to see so many friends and I'm constantly surprised by how many of you can remember my full name and the names of lots of the characters in the books.  At Seaforth, the librarian Mr Kel Cowling had read Alice-Miranda At School to most of the school I think and it was wonderful to see so many of the boys asking and answering questions and buying books too.  It's sometimes hard to convince boys that my stories are great for them too - just because I'm on the cover doesn't mean there aren't plenty of adventures they'll love.  I think Jacqueline Harvey signed lots of books that day.  We headed over to Pages and Pages at Mosman after that and there was another crowd there to meet us.  It was a fantastic day!  Jacqueline has been working on her new series about a little girl called Clementine Rose Appleby this week.  Clemmie lives in Penberthy Floss close to where my home, Highton Hall is.  Our village is called Highton Mill and Penberthy Floss is right next door.  I haven't met Clementine yet but one of her best friends is Poppy Bauer who lives on our farm.  I hope I get to catch up with her soon - when I'm home from school next perhaps.
Yesterday Jacqueline and I went to Kids' Book Review at St Ives and we met a great crowd of friends.  Jacqueline also got to spend time with Olivia who won the Junior section of the Frustrated Writers' Mentoring competition for the Children's Book Council last year.  Olivia is a very talented young writer and she and Jacqueline had a great chat about her work and what she could do to improve her story over a giant milkshake and the most enormous chocolate muffin I've ever seen.
Tomorrow we are going to Queensland to visit children in Brisbane and then to the Gold Coast for the Somerset Festival.  I'll have lots more to report at the end of the week.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another busy week!

Hello Friends,
My best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey has had another very busy week.  On Monday she talked to the gorgeous girls at MLC Burwood and Santa Sabina Del Monte in Strathfield.  Then on Wednesday she spent the day with the lovely Claire and Alex from Gosford Public Library who took her to visit Gosford Public School and OLR at Wyoming.  Jacqueline and her publicist Dorothy also dropped in to see the sales team at Scholastic Lisarow, and she was very excited to meet Roxanne (a big fan of my stories) in person as well as all the other staff of course.  In the afternoon she met some lovely little girls at Dymocks Erina Fair.  She said that's a beautiful bookshop and their display was gorgeous.  On Thursday afternoon there was a cupcake afternoon tea at The Children's Bookshop at Beecroft (tres magnifique) and today she visited Shearer's Bookshop at Leichardt and met loads of my friends.  Jacqueline has also been busy talking to schools in the United States and England about her upcoming tour.

I was thrilled to hear that on Thursday (which was World Book Day) my first adventure was released in the United Kingdom.  It's got a really cute cover.  Jacqueline received her box of books on Friday and she was thrilled to find Alice-Miranda On Holiday as well - with another lovely cover.

Jacqueline is busy writing a new book at the moment, about a gorgeous little girl called Clementine Rose.  Clemmie is only five years old and she lives in a village called Penberthy Floss, which is quite nearby to my home at Highton Hall.  Clementine lives with her mother Lady Clarissa and their butler Mr Digby Pertwhistle.  I haven't met her in person yet but I hope to very soon.  Clementine has the most divine pet tea cup pig called Lavender.  I wish I had a pet pig too - although I don't think Bonaparte would be very pleased about that - he likes to have me all to himself.

Anyway, Jacqueline has posted the UK book covers here and also the Clementine Rose cover for the first book, Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor.  It will be out in September this year.

Have a wonderful week and I will have lots more news next weekend.

Loads of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

School visits - new friends

Hello Friends,

What a busy couple of days my best grown-up friend Jacqueline Harvey has had.  Yesterday she visited the lovely girls at Pymble Ladies' College, Roseville College and Ravenswood.  She talked to around 600 students and she said that lots of the girls were very excited about reading my stories.  Today she visited the boys and girls in Year 5 at Arden and then went on to Tara where she talked to all of the girls from Year 3-6.  Jacqueline said that she had the most wonderful couple of days and she loves meeting my friends.

Next week she's going to see the girls at Santa Sabina Del Monte and perhaps some other places too.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxo

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alice-Miranda In New York Launch in Wahroonga Park

Hello Friends,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of my friends who came today to help me celebrate the launch of Alice-Miranda In New York. We had sunshine, tasty hot dogs and gelato that was 'the bomb'. It was amazing to see so many girls dressed up as me or in their finest New York City style - congratulations to the winners of the lookalike competition - I'm so glad that Dorothy from Random House had to choose because it was too hard! The wonderful people at Novella Bookshop did the best job and I know my best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey is thrilled with what a great day it was. I'm sure there must have been some people in the park wondering what was going on. And the music was fantastic thanks to Anna, who is a gorgeous friend of mine.
I can't wait to show you all the photographs - there will be some here and some on Jacqueline Harvey's website at www.jacquelineharvey.com.au
Can't wait to see you at the next launch and I hope you enjoy reading Alice-Miranda In New York!
lots of love,
Wahroonga Park -  sunny scene
Alice-Miranda xoxoxo

Friday, January 27, 2012

Alice-Miranda In New York Launch Party - Sunday 12 February

We ♥ Alice-Miranda


official book launch with author JACQUELINE HARVEY

Join us for a special New York-themed lunch in our very own ‘Central Park’. We’re serving 5-star
hot dogs and custom made gelato from two amazing carts.

Date: Sunday 12
February, 2012
Time: 12 noon – 2.30pm
Venue: Wahroonga Park Rotunda and Lawn,
Cnr Illoura Ave & Millewa Ave, Wahroonga 2076

What to bring:
Picnic rugs and/or chairs
Cost: $15.00 per
person – includes hot dog with all the trimmings, your choice of gelato,
Guests are encouraged to dress as their favourite Alice-Miranda character or in NYC-style
Plenty of free parking around Wahroonga Park

Bookings at Novella
Fine Books, Cards & Gifts
5 Railway Avenue
Wahroonga 2076
Telephone: 02 94893128
Email: info@novellafinebooks.com.au

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello Friends,

I can't believe that it's 2012 already. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas - I spent it with all of the people I love the best in the world; Mummy and Daddy, Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Lawrence, Granny, Mrs Oliver, Shilly, Max, Mr and Mrs Greening, Heinrich and Lily and of course Poppy and Jasper. Daisy and Granny Bert were there too - and Granny was dancing with Daddy to funny old Christmas tunes. The only people who were missing were Millie and Jacinta but they spent Christmas with their families and we did catch up for New Year. I've recently had the most amazing adventure in New York City and in less than a month you'll be able to read all about it, when Alice-Miranda In New York hits the shops. My best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey is busy making arrangements for a very exciting launch - so please come back again soon for all the details. I can't wait, because later this year the Winchesterfield Village Show is on and we're all hoping that Miss Grimm might allow the girls to go for the first time ever - that would be fantastic.
See you soon.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xoxox