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Jacqueline Harvey has combined a successful career in education with her love of a good story. She is the author of 14 novels for younger readers and a picture book, THE SOUND OF THE SEA, which was awarded Honour Book in the 2006 Children’s Book Council Awards. Her bestselling Alice-Miranda series centres on the life of Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones, a perpetually positive and determined seven year old who takes herself off to boarding school because it appeals to her sense of adventure. The first book in the series, Alice-Miranda At School was released in Australia in February 2010 with Alice-Miranda On Holiday, Alice-Miranda Takes the Lead, Alice-Miranda At Sea, Alice-Miranda In New York, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way and Alice-Miranda In Paris following at six month intervals. Jacqueline is currently contracted to write 12 Alice-Miranda books. She has a new series for younger readers (5-9 year olds) which launched in Australia in September 2012. Jacqueline is contracted to write eight Clementine-Rose books with Random House Australia. For more information go to www.jacquelineharvey.com.au

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And still there are more! Lots of lovely Alice-Miranda's and Clementine Rose's for Book Week 2013

Dear Friends,

It is so exciting to be receiving yet more photos of friends dressed up as Clementine Rose and me for Book Week Celebrations.  We've just been to the Melbourne Writers' Festival which was amazing and there were even girls at Jacqueline Harvey's first event who came in costume.  Thank you to all the incredible parents and teachers who encourage their children to have fun with books.  The photos are of girls from all over the country.  My apologies to the beautiful Clementine Rose near the bottom of the post, whose photo I can't get to turn the right way around.  There are girls from The Bush School, there's Emily, Gabriella, Natalie, Olivia, Ella, girls from St Martin of Tours and girls from the Art Play session at the Melbourne Writers' Festival.  I've just added Ella, Kira and Lauren and now Dani too. 
If you'd like to appear on the blog please send your picture to Jacqueline@jacquelineharvey.com.au


Have a wonderful week everyone,
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Week fun continues - lots more dress ups!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to post some more photos of gorgeous girls dressed up for Book Week (as me and Clementine Rose!)  Here's Ashleigh off to New York and Nikki all ready for school.  Down below we have Lauren off to a party at sea, Sara Violet as a fabulous Clementine Rose and Caryss as Alice-Miranda.  She won the Year 3 costume competition and her mum made the whole outfit.  So many clever mums out there.  Don't they all look amazing!  Last of all we have Librarian extraordinaire Mrs Thomson from OLGC at Forestville ready to go out for a ride.  Please send your photos to Jacqueline@jacquelineharvey.com.au  I can't wait to see them!
I know there are more to come so please keep sending them through.  I'm off to Melbourne this weekend so don't be sad if your picture doesn't go up until mid next week as I know Jacqueline Harvey is pretty busy over the coming few days.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xx

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Week Fun

Hello Friends,

One of my lovely friends, Georgie sent me a photo of her little sister Juliet, who dressed up as Clementine Rose for her school's book day.  Doesn't she look amazing!  I'd love to have more photos of characters from my stories or Clementine's to add to the blog if you or your friends dressed up this week.  Of course please make sure that you have your parents' permission to send the photo.

My best grown up friend Jacqueline Harvey is enjoying her first Book Week as a full time writer. Yesterday she visited Warrawee Public School and had a great day.  The highlight was meeting one of the boys who wasn't very excited by the prospect of hearing about Clemmie's and my stories at the beginning but by the end he was so excited to be able to read the books.  It was wonderful to see him so eager and not at all worried that there are girls on the cover.  I don't know why people fuss about that - there are lots of boys in the stories!

Today Jacqueline's been with the girls at PLC Prep in Pymble and had a great day talking to the children from Kindergarten to Year 3 as well as doing some writing workshops too.  There were some very funny stories about Clementine visiting Hong Kong with her mother and Lavender for a holiday and poor Lavender being chased by a crazy butcher who was sizing her up for his pork dumplings.  Luckily Lavender and Clementine outsmarted him in the end.

There are more adventures for the rest of the week so stay tuned.

Hope you all have a fantastic week.

Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xxx

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Would you like to enrol at Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale?

Hello Friends,

I am so excited that the new Alice-Miranda diary for 2014 will be in the shops in less than two weeks.  One of the fun activities inside is being able to enrol at my school, choose a house and nominate which friends you'd like to share a room with.  There's lots of fun detail on the form.  Now you don't have to send it in if you don't want to but if you do, my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey is going to collate all the forms that are emailed to her and put my new friends into classes.  She's good at that sort of thing because she was a Deputy Headmistress for a long time.

So, look out for the form online here and on Jacqueline Harvey's website in the next couple of weeks or if you get a diary first, you can photocopy the page once you've filled it in and email it to Jacqueline Harvey at Jacqueline@jacquelineharvey.com.au

I can't wait to see how many new friends sign up for school next year.

This week is exciting too as I'm visiting lots of schools for Australian Book Week.  Tomorrow it's Warrawee, then PLC, the Loreto Kirribilli and Our Lady of Good Counsel at Forestville.  After that we're off to Melbourne for the Writers' Festival.  I think there are still some spots left for the school days activities.  You can see the link here.  http://tickets.mwf.com.au/session2_mwf.asp?s=392

My new book, Alice-Miranda Shines Bright is out in a couple of weeks too and we're having a giant launch party at The Children's Bookshop in Beecroft on Saturday 31 August at 1pm.  It's a combined party with Clementine Rose and there will be lots of lovely baby farm animals there for you to hold.  The event is free but you need to book so Mr Macdonald can make sure there's enough room for everyone.  You can do that here http://www.thechildrensbookshop.indies.com.au/StoreEvent.aspx  It's just after the Paul Jennings event.

Happy Book Week everyone - oh and if you dress up as a character from any of the Alice-Miranda or Clementine Rose books, please email me and send a photo as I can add you to a special blog post about the week.
Lots of love,
Alice-Miranda xx