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Jacqueline Harvey has combined a successful career in education with her love of a good story. She is the author of 14 novels for younger readers and a picture book, THE SOUND OF THE SEA, which was awarded Honour Book in the 2006 Children’s Book Council Awards. Her bestselling Alice-Miranda series centres on the life of Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones, a perpetually positive and determined seven year old who takes herself off to boarding school because it appeals to her sense of adventure. The first book in the series, Alice-Miranda At School was released in Australia in February 2010 with Alice-Miranda On Holiday, Alice-Miranda Takes the Lead, Alice-Miranda At Sea, Alice-Miranda In New York, Alice-Miranda Shows the Way and Alice-Miranda In Paris following at six month intervals. Jacqueline is currently contracted to write 12 Alice-Miranda books. She has a new series for younger readers (5-9 year olds) which launched in Australia in September 2012. Jacqueline is contracted to write eight Clementine-Rose books with Random House Australia. For more information go to www.jacquelineharvey.com.au

Sunday, July 18, 2010

School and other things

Hello, I hope you've had a lovely week. School has been lots of fun. Ever since Miss Grimm came out of her study you wouldn't believe how many things have changed. For a start she comes to assembly every week and she's started inviting girls to the study for afternoon tea. At first some of the girls were terribly nervous but they soon realised that Miss Grimm didn't eat children - only Mrs Smith's delicious apple cinnamon tea cake! I think Mummy and Daddy are getting used to me being away from home - although Mummy still sniffles quite a lot when I telephone her. I've told her that if she doesn't stop I might have to stop calling as it's just too upsetting for her. She promised that she'd try. Anyway, she and Daddy have been very busy. Mummy's just become Chairman or should it be Chairwoman of the Board of Kennington's which I'll tell you all about another time. I can't wait for Miss Grimm and Mr Grump's wedding and Miss Higgins and Constable Derby's too. It's going to be very busy with them on consecutive weekends and all of the girls at school involved in one way or another. But I'll tell you about that next time too. I have to go - Millie and I are off riding. Mr Charles is looking after a couple of ponies for one of the men in the village and we're going to take them out. My little fellow is called Stumps and he's terribly old and very quiet - which will make a change from Bonaparte, my naughty pony. We have to go and collect our picnic. Have a good weekend! Lots of love, Alice-Miranda xx

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